About Wongar, B

WONGAR, B. Australian author – fiction, drama and poetry. In 1960 when aged 28, he began to learn English in order to write; since then he has published 20 books. In his unique genre of writing, Wongar portrays the fate of Australian Aborigines which he also links to the state of Australian perishing wildlife. He is best known for his Nuclear Quartet-novels Walg, Karan, Gabo Djara, Raki and Mada which extended the perimeter of creative writing and brought him international recognition. Some of his earlier work have been banned by the Australian Government, thus depriving him of publishing opportunities in Australia and the U.K.

Wongar began publishing first in France, Germany and the USA, encouraged by Simone de Beauvoir, Samuel Beckett and many other well known authors. His books are often illustrated by traditional Aboriginal artist Yumanga Burarrwanga of Arnhem Land.

Wongar is a life member of the Australian Atomic Ex-Servicemen’s Association. He lives with his pack of dingoes on his bush property in Gippsland, south of Melbourne.