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MANHUNT {buy now}
DAO BA KHANG has left war-ravaged Vietnam and settled in Australia with an Australian wife and family. One day he discovers that his skin has turned black. He thinks to hide among tribal Aborigines in the Australian outback, but finds as he progresses on his journey that they, too, have been made victims of a tragic fate — annihilated by British nuclear testing and deprived of their land.
Written in the 1970s, Manhunt is the first novel of B.Wongar’s Nuclear quintet, followed by Walgo, Karan, Gabo Djara and Raki.

THE NEW GUINEA DIARIES {hard cover buy now | paperback buy now} (Translation), Dingo Books, Melbourne 2007

ABORIGINAL MYTHS (with Alan Marshall) Gold Star, Melbourne 1972; Erich Roth Verlag, Germany 1977; Nauka, Moscow 1980

THE TRACK TO BRALGU{buy now} Little Brown, USA 1978; Jonathan Cape, UK 1980; Europa Konyvkiado Budapest 1981; Verlag Phillippp Reclam, Germany 1981; Trikontdianus Buchverlag, Germany 1981; Narodna Knjiga, Belgrade 1983; Les Temps Modernes, Paris 1977; Malodaya Grardiya, Moscow 1980; Knipscheer, Amsterdam 1989; Angus & Robertson, Australia 1991; Harper Collins, USA 1993; Adapted for German Radio

BABARU {buy now} University of illinois Press, USA 1982; Les Temps Modernes, Paris 1982; Malodaya Gradiya, Moscow 1982; Angus & Robertson, Australia 1991; Harper Collins, USA 1993, Edition Isele, Germany 1997.

BILMA Ohio State University Press, USA 1984; CCE Publishers, Arandjelovac 2005.


  • WALG Dood Mead, New York 1983; Lamuv Verlag, Germany 1983; Aufbau Verlag, Germany 1984; Macmillan. UK 1986; George Braziller. USA 1990; Kipscheer, Amsterdam 1991; Txalaparta Publishers, Spain 1998; Being adapted for film.
  • KARAN Dood Mead, New York 1985; Lamuv Verlag, Germany 1986; Macmillan, UK 1986; Radruga, Moscow 1988; Aufbau Verlag, Germany 1988; George Braziller, USA 1990; Knipscheer, Amsterdam 1993.
  • GABO DJARA Dodd Mead, New York 1988; Macmillan, Australia 1988; Macmillan, UK 1988; Lamuv Verlag, Germany 1988; George Braziller, USA 1991; Kinpscheer, Amsterdam 1994.
  • RAKI {buy now} Angus & Robertson, Australia 1994; Kinpscheer, Amsterdam 1995; Les Editions de l’Aube, France 1995; Marion Boyars Publishers, UK/USA 1997.
  • DIDJERIDU CHARMER Dingo Books, Australia 2006

MARGNIT {buy now} Angus & Robertson, Australia 1991; Harper Collins, USA 1993.

THE LAST PACK OF DINGOES Angus & Robertson, Australia 1991; Harper Collins, USA 1994; CES Publishers, Belgrade 2005

DINGOES DEN {buy now} Imprint, Australia 1999. Adapted for film A Double Life.

FLOWER IN DESERT Prosveta, Nis 2005

TOTEM AND ORE {buy now} Dingo Books, Australia 2006

AT MY MASTER’S DEN Dingo Books 2007

THE STONE IN MY POCKET Stage play, written under S. Bozic, Council of Adult Aducation, Melbourne 1972

BALANG AN VILAGE Stage play, written under B. Wongar, Council of Adult Education, Melbourne 1973

THE SINNERS Greensborough Press, Melbourne 1972

THE TRACKERS (unauthorised edition, printed without author’s consent), Outback Press, Melbourne 1978